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Fixed Deposits

If you want to boost your savings with an absolute peace of mind, a fixed deposit investment is the perfect fit for you. The promise of assured savings after a fixed tenure makes fixed deposits an attractive investment avenue for planning your medium and long-term goals.

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Attractive Interests

Grow your Money with Midson Group at attractive interest rates


Deposits Amount

Midson Group lets your start a fixed deposits as low as Rs 50000


Premature Withdrawal 

Partial/Premature withdrawal of Fixed Deposit is Permitted

What are the benefits of Fixed Deposits?

Fixed Deposit possesses a number of advantages over any other investment scheme that tags it as one of the safest investment options to opt for. When you avail of a Fixed Deposit, you actually bag a number of perks such as:

  • An assured return yielding product

  • Hassle-free application to get started with your Fixed Deposit account in no time

  • High Liquidity by opting for premature breaking of your fixed deposit with an applicable penalty and subject to applicable terms and conditions

What are the documents required to open a Fixed Deposit account?

The documentation required for opening a Fixed Deposit account with us is absolutely hassle-free. Just a few essentials – age, signature, address proof, photograph, a few more basic prerequisites, and you are good to go! 

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